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Often reaching an agreement with an ex-partner (the other parent) is the most difficult and stressful aspect of Family Law disputes.  Suddenly not being in the same home as your children every night can cause emotional distress for both parents, and children.

Separated parents can, for many reasons, find it difficult to negotiate appropriate care arrangements for their children when they are already grieving the loss of their relationship.  This is made significantly more difficult and stressful where there has been domestic violence, where a parent (or both parents) are suffering from mental health issues and/or where there are substance abuse issues.  There may also be problems arising from different parenting styles and distances between each parents’ home and cultural and religious factors.

What care arrangements work best for one family may not be what is best for another family.  Further, care arrangements that are in the best interests of very young children will likely be different for primary school aged children and potentially different again for secondary school aged children.

No family is the same and we provide a range of options and solutions tailored specifically for your family’s individual needs, while, as much as it possible minimising the stress of disputes about your children.


We understand it can be intimidating and confusing when you have to deal with legal claims. Take the stress out of the process and schedule a meeting with us to discuss your needs. To us, you’re not just a number, and we want to alleviate the pain you may be experiencing trying times. When you need family lawyers in Melbourne to assist you with legal issues, we’re here for you.